New textiles designs have been added to my original selection. If you are looking for something unique, look at my gallery for inspiration!  A custom textile can be created for your special needs.  Any design can be printed on any type of fabric.

CONTACT Patrice for more details.

  • TEXT-FBR-poppies
  • TEXT-FBR-orangepoppies
  • TEXT-FBR-englishtulips
  • TEXT-FBR-blueglory
  • TEXT-FBR-roseglory
  • TEXT-FBR-pinkgreen
  • TEXT-FBR-appleblossoms
  • TEXT-FBR-purpledelph
  • TEXT-FBR-pinkroses
  • TEXT-FBR-smrperfection
  • TEXT-FBR-callalillies
  • TEXT-FBR-fuchsiarose
  • TEXT-FBR-magicdawn
  • TEXT-FBR-redpoppies